Quenching Furnace (CISDI)

AnnularFurnace For Pipe Billet:

Quenchingfurnace technical parameters

Quenchingdevice type:External shower + rotation +internal  spray

Main dimensions of quenching device

Centerdistance of feeding and discharging station:    ~11500mm

Top of sprayequipment:               5600mm

Quenchingmedium:                     Turbidcirculating water

Maximumproduction rhythm:        120p/h

Quenchingtemperature:               ≤70℃

Steel pipestraightness after quenching:   ≤1.5mm/1000mm

Steel pipe endstraightness after quenching: ≤2mm/1000mm

Steel tubebending:                      ≤0.2%L

Increaseellipticity:                        On the basis of elliptical steel pipe

                                       Morethan 2%

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