German FOERSTER magnetic flux leakage inspection

Applications of magnetic flux leakage methodin the detection of seamless steel tubes: ROTOMAT + TRANSOMAT.

Detection principle of longitudinal magneticflux leakage ROTOMAT:

  Inspectionof longitudinal defects on the inner and outer walls of steel tubes;

  Circumferential magnetization;

  According to the detection of the applicationof the choice of probe array - inductance probe.

Detection principle of transverse magneticflux leakage TRANSOMAT:

Inspectionof transverse defects on the inner wall and outer wall of steel pipe; LongitudinalDC magnetization;

Selectionof probe array in accordance with the application of detection - inductanceprobe.

Longitudinal magnetic leakage device rotatinghead

 Suitable for outside diameter of steel pipe : 20~520 mm

Transverse magnetic flux leakage probe system:

Suitablefor outside diameter of steel pipe: 26~440 / 480 mm

Longitudinal magnetic leakage ROTOMAT rotatinghead system:

  • Narrow body design, 700 mm wide, easy to integrateinto existing production lines

  • High speed increases detection speed

  • Interchangeable test assemblies acceleratethe speed of replacement

Transverse magnetic flux leakage TRANSOMATprobe system:

  •Narrow body design, 670 mm wide, easy to integrate into the existing detection


  • The use of interchangeable test componentsensures a shorter time to change the

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